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The CMO blog provides a unique perspective on top of mind business to business marketing topics for marketers who are passionate about the discipline and art form of marketing. The goal of the blog is to provide education, insight and inspiration for marketing executives through anecdotes and observations from the life of a Chief Marketing Officer.

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Customer Buying Cycle is the Key to B2B Demand Generation

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Generating demand sits at the top of the priority list for virtually every marketing organization but it sits at the top of their list of challenges as well. In almost every case where a company’s B2B demand strategy is underperforming it is primarily a result of not being architected with the customer buying cycle in mind. Speaking from my recent experiences, seven out of our last eight marketing performance audits revealed demand generation strategies that were fundamentally disconnected from the buying cycle. Obviously the buying cycle is not a new concept for marketers – IDG first described a generic IT buying cycle in the early 1990’s – Awareness, Consideration, Evaluation and Purchase. A few companies, Microsoft in particular, embrace the concept in everything they do to develop a deeper understanding of how customers make decisions and what tools and techniques succeed in driving customers through the buying cycle. The buying cycle is also taught as standard curriculum in virtually every MBA program – so why [...]

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